Upgrades Made to Client Portal to Improve User Experience

In order to continue to provide dynamic IT support to our valued customers, Buckland has recently completed upgrades to our Client Portal. The user interface has been completely rebuilt with a more modern look to enhance our customer’s experience with the site. The new responsive design will make navigation smoother and simpler.

To do this our team of internal developers have completely rebuilt the style, look and feel of the portal based on feedback we have received from you. This more responsive design will change its size based on browser size and will even look great in tablet and mobile form. We have also changed the main menu, which will result in a far superior user experience, emphasized by much better loading times as you go deeper into the portal. This is because the redesign has focused on a lightweight style and has replaced images with font icons, all resulting in faster rendering.

The new portal supports Internet Explorer 9 and greater, Firefox 35+, and Chrome 40+.

If you have questions about these changes or require support, please reach out to us at csagroup@buckland.com.

Client Portal Screen Client Portal Screen Client Portal Screen