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Leading Technologies with all the Features You Want

Our in-house designed Client Portal provides you with a robust, user friendly system that gives you everything you need when you need it.

  • Warehouse Management System

    Buckland’s Warehouse Management System allows you to stay updated and track your goods through their supply chain, in real-time.

  • Missing Information Exchange

    This proactive technology allows you to review shipment information prior to submission and alerts you to any missing information in order to prevent late shipment filing.

  • The Client Portal

    Developed by Buckland’s in-house team, your shipments customs clearance are always accessible on the ready-to-use dashboard.

  • Classification Gateway

    Buckland’s database to integrate data for exporting to outside commodity databases and allows you to request classifications for new commodities.

  • Customized Software

    Buckland’s 100% in-house development team will work along side your IT team to create a customize technology solution that fit perfectly with your workflow and processes.

  • Intuitive Integration

    Buckland’s development team is continually producing innovative logistics technology solutions to ensure your trade data is always accessible, visible and manageable.


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