Creating the Convenience That Moves The Manufacturing Industry Forward

Buckland has spent years helping manufacturers meet their international trade requirements, with a strategic combination of logistics services and automated technology.

Buckland provides a full suite of comprehensive manufacturing logistics services to offer an all-in-one solution. Our service commitment begins before your goods start moving, and continues long after they have reached their destination.

The Buckland Advantage

When it comes to the Manufacturing industry, see how Buckland does it best:

Advanced systems bringing you forward.

To give you the highest level of quality, accuracy and compliance, our technological advancements are implemented in all service areas. Buckland has the ability to coordinate all of your shipping information between suppliers, carriers and regulatory agencies.

Keeping you at the top of our list of concerns.

A “customer-centric” mindset means you’ll always experience worry-free customer support.

Reporting and Information delivered by people that know you.

As a manufacturer, our team of reliable representatives will help you make sound business decisions based on industry experience and access to applicable data.