Updates to Customs Tariff for 2017

Every 5 years the World Customs Organization Harmonized System Committee prepares amendments updating the Customs Tariff and it is anticipated that there will be a large volume of updates to the 2017 tariff.

Given the number of updates expected and the need for the updates to be communicated as quickly as possible, the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB) has contacted Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Department of Finance to request a working updated tariff, prior to its publication. Finance is presently working on the Order-in-Council to implement the HS amendments at the tariff item (8 digit) level and the intention is to have it passed before September. Once passed, the updates will be available at the tariff item level. Statistics Canada will be making a number of changes at the statistical level and we will have to wait until the CBSA publishes the Departmental Consolidation to see those changes.

The Department of Finance has asked CBSA to post the concordance document on its website as soon as the OIC passes, even if the tariff is not yet ready for publishing.

Buckland will be staying up to date as these changes happen and will communicate any relevant information. If you have questions about this, please reach out to Buckland today.