Update Regarding Delays & Closures at the US Southern Border

April 4, 2019 – Please see the updates below regarding the present situation at the US Southern Border.


There are presently delays in customs resulting in longer times to cross the Mexico-US Border, with lines up to 6 km. This is impacting operations at the Laredo bridge crossing and has caused a shortage of drayage units to cross the border for both Northbound and Southbound Shipments.

Update: The Laredo Bridge will remain open through the weekend, however, due to the reduced CBP staffing, there will continue to be delays at crossings.

Please see the meeting minutes provided by the Laredo Licensed U.S. Customs Brokers Association, Inc. which detail the latest news on the delays at the Laredo crossings. This document features an update, as well as a question and answer section.

El Paso 

A Trade Information Notice was issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) today announcing that the Bridge of the Americas (BOTA) Import Lot in El Paso, Texas will be closed on Saturdays until further notice.

This decision was made in response to the ongoing humanitarian and border security crisis on the Southwest border of the United States.

For additional information:

Buckland will continue to monitor this situation and will provide any relevant updates to you as they occur.