Update: Delays / Incomplete Validation Process on Mexican Customs Systems

Last night, we reached out to inform you that Buckland received notification that the Mexican Customs System was having delays in confirming the Validation Process resulting in an “Error: Incomplete Validation” message. Today, we received an update that the error has now been resolved.

Mexican SAT authorities through CAAAREM have communicated that the incident was resolved and that the Validation is now working properly.

Please forward shipments to your Buckland Customer Service Representative to coordinate the Customs clearance process.

Buckland is communicating this update with you to ensure that you are well aware of the latest information impacting trade. As a customer-focused company, we provide you with a single source of unmatched Customs Brokerage (Canadian, US, Mexican), Trade Managed Solutions, Freight Forwarding, Trade Technologies and Warehousing/Distribution Services. Please contact your Buckland representative if you have any questions regarding this information.