Transition to DODA

Buckland has been notified by the Mexican customs authority (SAT) that the transition to ‘Documento de Operacion para Despacho Aduanero’ (DODA Qr) has been completed for MX Customs at the crossings of Nuevo Laredo, Lazaro Cardenas, Veracruz, AICM, Piedras Negras, Manzanillo and Cd. Juarez.

As a result of this planned transition, as of November 21, 2018, the DODA document will be mandatory to be presented at all 49 Customs offices based on MX Foreign Trade Rule 3.1.31.

Exemptions on DODA implementation apply for ‘Transit operations’ (rule 3.1.18, second paragraph, section II) and for Railroad operations (rule 1.9.11).

Buckland encourages all Mexican importers to update their operations teams and plan accordingly. Buckland is taking all measures to ensure that systems and processes have been adequately prepared so that there is minimal disruption to operations. Please reach out to your Customer Service Representative if you require support or have questions regarding this issue.

Please refer to Bulletin P0671 for more information.