Release of Goods Time Frames – Proposed Changes

Buckland has received the following notice from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) regarding proposed changes to the Release of Goods Time Frames. We have included the notice below as received.

Members are aware that CBSA will be making changes to the time frames in which goods will be released. The new release time frames are based on the arrival of goods and will replace the time frames listed in the current version of D 17-1-4. Members who are using IID for release will have noticed that these new time frames are already in effect and that goods are not released until the carrier or warehouse operator has transmitted an arrival notice.

CBSA has prepared an FAQ that answers questions about the effect of these changes on other parties. Please note that the link in point 2 in the FAQ is not active as the Customs Notice is not yet available.

These changes will not be in effect until the final eManifest implementation (eHousebill Change Request) is completed. The scheduled time for that change is late 2018/2019.

Buckland is pleased to share this update and we hope that this information will be useful and beneficial.

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