Peace Bridge Lane Closure

Today the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (PBA) announced that the Peace Bridge will be reduced to two lanes between November 15, 2016 and May 15, 2017, in order to accommodate construction related to the ongoing $100 million Peace Bridge rehabilitation. In addition, the Authority has advised U.S. and Canadian government officials that any traffic impacts can be mitigated by ensuring proper inspection lane availability and Customs staffing levels during the lane closure period.

So long as Customs appropriately staffs and keeps inspection lanes open this winter, then we anticipate little to no traffic disruption,” remarked PBA Board Chair Sam Hoyt. “But that commitment really needs to be made and maintained, and that is why the Authority is calling on all levels of government from both sides of the border to get involved and speak up about the importance of these traffic flow and staffing issues at the Peace Bridge.” This has been excerpted from an advisory from The Peace Bridge and is available in its entirety at:

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