NAFTA Uncertainty: Does Your Company Have a Plan?

A clear understanding of the potential challenges and a comprehensive contingency plan will help you to navigate the uncertainty of the future of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and mitigate the impact on your bottom line.

North American companies have benefitted from the duty-free movement of goods under NAFTA for more than 20 years. In many cases, this is longer than the tenure of most companies senior customs team members. Most of us don’t even remember what pre-NAFTA international trading looked like.  What is the pre-NAFTA experience of your team and how quickly can you put together a plan if NAFTA ceases to exist?

Areas to consider:

For over 70 years Buckland has been working to help companies across the world experience global trade in a better way. Contact our offices today to create a plan that will provide your team and clientele with a higher level of certainty of how to move forward in the event that NAFTA is terminated.

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