It is now time to renew your blanket CUSMA/USMCA Certificate of Origin for 2021!

To claim CUSMA/USMCA benefits, a properly completed CUSMA/USMCA Certificate of Origin must be in our possession no later than December 31, 2020, to avoid any lapse of CUSMA/USMCA coverage. For entries into Canada, it is against Customs regulations to claim the CUSMA preferential duty rate when a valid certificate is not available at the time of import for any entries with a Canadian value of $3,300 or more (full shipment value).

To ensure that you are protected against customs assessed penalties, Buckland will not use the CUSMA/USMCA preferential duty-free rate on your imported goods unless we have received a valid CUSMA/USMCA Certificate of Origin at the time of or prior to import. Failure to have your vendor certificates renewed for 2021 may result in the higher Most-Favored-Nation duty rate assessed on your imports effective January 1, 2021.  Refunds of duty under CUSMA can be submitted within four years from the date of import into Canada, and within one year into the United States under USMCA.

Upon receipt of your certificate(s), the information will be entered into our system so you will continue to receive the benefit of duty-free treatment on your customs entries. Consistent with the recordkeeping requirements, we retain all blanket certificates throughout the five and six-year statute of limitations for audit and verification purposes. To compensate for processing, review of certificate, document retention costs and updating our system for your eligibility, we will apply an administrative maintenance fee for each vendor Certificate of Origin received.

CUSMA – for imports into Canada

USMCA – for imports into the US

Continuing to clear your freight quickly, while providing you with the necessary information to ensure your compliance with Customs regulations is important to us. Thank you for your business! We appreciate it and look forward to a compliant 2021.