Hurricane Genevieve Impacting Operations at Mexican Ports

Hurricane Genevieve has developed into a category 4 storm off the Pacific coast of Mexico and it is anticipated that it will continue to track west along Baja California until Thursday. This storm will likely cause tropical storm-force winds and rain along the southern Baja.

This storm is resulting in all minor vessel shipments being locked down for safety, as well as an operational impacts on operations at the Terminal Port of Manzanillo. Buckland is working with API and the Manzanillo Mexican Brokers Association to ensure that we have the latest information and will communicate any official updates from the Mexican Authorities and SMN.

We encourage all Mexican Importers of Record to continue taking precautions and to work with our Ocean Port offices with the cut-off time of 13:00CST to process priority shipments and minimize risks of all kind to secure customs clearance.