How to Delegate Authority to Your Broker – The CARM Client Portal Goes Live May 25

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project is changing the way that commercial goods are imported into Canada and the CARM Client Portal will allow for self-service access for importers. On May 25, 2021, the CARM Client Portal will go live as part of Release 1, and we want to be sure that you are ready for this change.

As part of this process, a vital step is delegating authority to your broker. This will enable your broker to conduct import activities on your behalf and prevent service disruptions.

Once the CARM Client Portal opens on May 25, we encourage you to set up your account and complete the designation of authority for Buckland as your broker.

Steps for importers during Release 1:  

  1. Obtain a Business Number and program account identifier (RM number)
  2. Create Individual User Portal Account
  3. Link User Account with Business Account
  4. Grant Access to Employees, Representatives, and Broker
    • The delegation of authority process is managed by the following user roles: Business Account Manager and Program Account Manager. The Business Account Manager has full access to all Client Portal functionality for a business account and all its program accounts. Business Account Manager is the recommended authority as the Program Account Manager provides nearly all access to Client Portal functionality for a business account, but restricts some information and functionality
    • Navigate to the section of the CARM Client Portal called ‘Access requests’ (Screenshot below of CARM Client Portal Main View below, access requests in the bottom right)
    • Approve access request from your broker (Buckland)
  5. Use the CARM Client Portal

Visit our CARM page for more information about the changes coming soon!