Customs Delays and Drayage Unit Shortage at US / Mexico Border 

April 3, 2019 – There are presently delays in customs resulting in longer times to cross the Mexico-US Border, with lines up to 6 km. This is impacting operations at the Laredo bridge crossing and has caused a shortage of drayage units to cross the border for both Northbound and Southbound Shipments.

As of now, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) unofficially confirm 34% current operational capacity at International Bridge, with 4 out of 12 lines open to cross from Mexico into the United States. The delays come as a result of CBP officials being reassigned to alternate points across the US Border in order to address immigration matters. Mexican authorities are in constant communication with US authorities in order to ease the delays and to promote better coordination on border crossings.

Please take preventive actions and forward urgent shipments to your Buckland Customer Service Representative in order to prioritize your shipments.