CBSA Single Window Initiative News – Decommission Date Set for August 17, 2020

As part of the Single Window Initiative (SWI), the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced that August 17, 2020 will be the decommission date for the legacy Other Government Department (OGD) release service options (OGD PARS (SO463) and OGD RMD (SO471)).

This decommission is only for the items that are co-regulated with Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Transport Canada (TC) for tires only. Additionally, any goods regulated under other Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) that require documents such as LPCO’s (License, Permit, Certificate and Other Documentation) to be sent will have to be declared via SWI. All other goods can be declared as 125 (PARS) or 257 (RMD). Goods that do not fall into the above can be sent as legacy service option 125 (PARS) or 257 (RMD) if they are not able to be sent as SWI.  Releases that are sent SWI will be given priority at release over those sent with legacy service options. Therefore, importers are encouraged to provide all information required for import under the SWI regulations.

SWI is a program implemented by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) that will assist in meeting their goals to modernize and align the import processing procedures between Canada and the US under the Beyond the Border Action Plan.

Through SWI, importers will be required to provide all information required by the PGA’s on imported goods electronically to CBSA prior to submitting for release. Through SWI the CBSA will alert each PGA  to review the information provided to them and advise if the regulations have been met, or more information is required. They will in turn provide CBSA with a release or hold notification which is transmitted back to the filer.

For more information about Single Window, please see the CBSA website.