CARM Deployment Postponed

April 17, 2020 – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has announced that the CARM (CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management) deployment has been postponed from the scheduled date of Summer 2021. A new date has not been released for this deployment.

Please see the notice below from the CBSA.

Members of the trade community,

It is our sincere hope that this message finds you and your loved ones well during this extraordinary time. We appreciate that navigating this ever-changing landscape is challenging for importers and trade chain partners. For this reason, we will be cancelling our monthly Trade Chain Partner Working Group and Sub Working Group meetings for the remainder of April and May. We will update you before the end of May on whether these meetings will resume in June.

We have also postponed our planned broader engagement activities, including our live and recorded webinars, and our open mic sessions. Our target dates to resume these activities have not yet been established.

Over the last couple of weeks, Trade chain partners have asked the CBSA whether the Covid 19 pandemic will impact the CARM project timelines and future deployment dates. The CBSA understands that precise timelines are critical for business planning of system and process changes. At this time, we can confirm that the CARM solution will not deploy in Summer 2021, as previously estimated. Project plans are being reviewed, however, given the current environment, it will require some time for the CARM project team to provide future deployment dates.

The CARM project team is continuing its work and we remain available for your questions and feedback. The CBSA is committed to communicating information on the project and implementing the CARM changes in a fair and responsible manner.

For those able to work on CARM, we encourage you to continue reviewing the latest technical information on the GC Collab and to send your feedback to the CARM Engagement mailbox.