Buckland Compliance Gives Back

Recently, the Buckland Compliance group volunteered at their local food bank, Forgotten Harvest which services several Detroit area food banks.

11,000 lbs of food was packaged during the event, including 6,000 lbs of dry goods collated and packed as well as 5,000 lbs of produce inspected and re-crated.

Thank you to the Compliance group for this incredible act of community service, you make Buckland proud! Buckland is proud to support worthy causes in our communities

Forgotten Harvest was formed in 1990 to fight two problems: hunger and waste. Forgotten Harvest “rescued” over 45 million pounds of food last year by collecting surplus prepared and perishable food from 800 sources, including grocery stores, fruit and vegetable markets, restaurants, caterers, dairies, farmers, wholesale food distributors and other Health Department-approved sources.  This donated food, which would otherwise go to waste, is delivered free-of-charge to 250 emergency food providers in the Metro Detroit area.